All things Raspberry Pi and Time Lapse

The enclosure is setup outside my window and it taking pictures of our garden. This is so I can test it and make sure everything works correctly. Here are some pictures of the setup.

Here is the time lapse video that the setup shot on 7-16-2012. It was taking a picture once every 5 minutes.


Comments on: "Pictures and Yesterday’s Time Lapse" (3)

  1. Hi – this looks really interesting.. I’m looking at doing the same with a Canon 7D, using RPi and gphoto2. I don’t know if you’re in London, but I’ll be at the RaspberryJam next Wednesday… We’ve previously used Arduinos for triggering shutters and moving along a track, but RPi seems to offer a lot extra in terms of connectivity etc.

    • I wish I was using something along the lines of a 7D but since this is only a hobby… I decided to try it out with this setup, and then if everything works I will probably use a DSLR for version 2.0 in the future. I am actually in the United States so I will not be at the Jam unfortunately. You are welcome to use anything I have on my site, or if you have any questions let me know. Do you have a site with your work on it?

  2. I’m headed in the same direction. I’ve used arduinos for years and have finally gotten my Pi. I’m a photo enthusiast and actually a professional photographer as well. I’m looking to combine everything into one software package that uses my smart phone as the interface. So far, I’ve built a drip machine, sound trigger and laser trigger. I’m looking to combine them with my 5D Mark II running magic lantern (a collaboration with CHDK). I’m also looking to combine all of this with a motorized motion slider and motorized pan head. This is not possible on an arduino alone. The Pi can do all of this and more.

    I like your use of the powershot running CHDK. I have a couple of them and CHDK makes them very powerful. Using a simple powershot really opens up some interesting scenarios. It would be nice to put one on for a year using solar power. These powershots can be found on Ebay for less than $20 and I can put them into situations that I’d rather not put my Mark II…

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