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Update… And its not good…

I went to check on how the time lapse setup was working. And it was not. It worked for not quite a week and then stopped taking pictures for some reason. So I brought it home and have been working to see what was wrong. And so far I cant figure it out. I cannot get the camera to take a picture using gphoto2 anymore. I tried a whole new installation of Arch (I kept the previous one separate) and it still wont take a picture. The other camera that I had bought previously (Canon Powershot SX100) will work just fine though. So that would lead me to believe that the Powershot A510 wont work. However, the camera will still take a picture just fine when it is disconnected from the Raspberry Pi and functioning like a regular camera.

So now I am not sure what to try. It seems like it is a problem with the camera, but the camera will still take a picture so it didnt completely die. Anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. Mikael Falkvidd said:

    Can you talk to the camera at all using gphoto2? Maybe the USB port is damaged?

    • I actually got it to work for a little bit a few minutes ago… So it does work on occasion… I think it has to do with when the camera card is completely full and there is no more room is when it stops taking pictures. Which is the weird part because I had everything set to –capture-image-and-download and nothing should have been left on the card. However it still wont work after I completely emptied the card. After several reboots and not doing anything different than the previous times it suddenly started working. But then I didnt catch it in time and it filled the card, and now it wont work again. It is seemingly random when it starts working again, but I think I have figured out that it stops when the card is full.

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