All things Raspberry Pi and Time Lapse

Finished and Uploaded!!

The video of the compilation of over 3 months is edited and uploaded! It has been 3 months since I setup the Canon PowerShot camera and Raspberry Pi in the greenhouse to watch the plants grow. And grow they did! The greenhouse starts out empty and in 15 seconds the plants are ceiling height. It was just under 90 frames total because some of the frames were too dark to use. And unfortunately some of the current images are pretty dark. But it worked!! And now I know what to change so that the images are not as dark for next time. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Now I am looking at setting up for a year – as was my original goal…


Comments on: "Finished and Uploaded!!" (5)

  1. Congratz on getting it to work. However the images are pretty much unusable. Try for a simpler solution. I would suggest taking pictures at a lower interval for a much smoother time-lapse. Manual exposure is also recommended.

    • Thanks! This was really just a test to make sure that it was possible before I subjected a nice camera to harsh conditions. CHDK is an amazing tool and I use it a lot, but it doesnt offer the control that the Raspberry Pi does.
      Unfortunately a lower interval doesn’t work in this situation. If you take more than one picture a day the shadows will be different. So for example if I shot at 9am, noon, and 3pm it would be very noticeable when played back faster. Even shooting once an hour only gives a max of 10 images per day. So that is about a second of video. And in that second the shadows move tremendously, only to repeat that process the next day.
      And I was using Manual, however clouds one day and no clouds the next make a big change in the sunlight. I would have been better to go with Auto I think…

  2. Hi! amazing project, congratulations! I love time lapses!

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