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Finished and Uploaded!!

The video of the compilation of over 3 months is edited and uploaded! It has been 3 months since I setup the Canon PowerShot camera and Raspberry Pi in the greenhouse to watch the plants grow. And grow they did! The greenhouse starts out empty and in 15 seconds the plants are ceiling height. It was just under 90 frames total because some of the frames were too dark to use. And unfortunately some of the current images are pretty dark. But it worked!! And now I know what to change so that the images are not as dark for next time. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Now I am looking at setting up for a year – as was my original goal…


Update… And its not good…

I went to check on how the time lapse setup was working. And it was not. It worked for not quite a week and then stopped taking pictures for some reason. So I brought it home and have been working to see what was wrong. And so far I cant figure it out. I cannot get the camera to take a picture using gphoto2 anymore. I tried a whole new installation of Arch (I kept the previous one separate) and it still wont take a picture. The other camera that I had bought previously (Canon Powershot SX100) will work just fine though. So that would lead me to believe that the Powershot A510 wont work. However, the camera will still take a picture just fine when it is disconnected from the Raspberry Pi and functioning like a regular camera.

So now I am not sure what to try. It seems like it is a problem with the camera, but the camera will still take a picture so it didnt completely die. Anyone have any suggestions?

Canon Powershot SX100

When deciding what kind of camera to use for the time lapse there seemed to be problems with both options.

Option #1 Digital Camera

Pros – Picture Quality

Cons – More power consumption, size, and can it be permanently powered on?

Option #1 Webcam

Pros – Little Power consumption, size, it can be on for long periods

Cons – Picture Quality

One of my concerns with using a Canon camera for the time lapse project is how to turn it on and off remotely to get around having it powered on all of the time. On forums people said that it is not good to have the camera permanently powered on. After searching around and not finding an answer I sent Canon Support an email asking if it was possible to power the camera on and off from the computer that the camera is connected too, or could it be powered on long term with no damage. Here is the important part of their response –

“Although there is no way of powering the camera on or off remotely, you can have it powered on using an AC adapter for as long as you need to use it.  There should be no damage when using the camera with the adapter.”

Great news!! This greatly simplifies the scripts that will need to be written to take the pictures. All the script needs to do now is take the picture, instead of turning the camera on, take the picture, and then turn the camera off.


The goal of this project is to have several time lapse videos that show a scene over the course of a year. I am in the planning stage at this point, but have started buying the materials needed. The two main components are a Canon camera and a Raspberry Pi! More details to come…

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