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Enclosure Photos

I thought it would be time to add some photos of the equipment that I have so far. More photos to come as more of the pieces arrive…

Side view of enclosure with mounting bracketĀ attached.

Front view of the enclosure.

Another front view of the enclosure.

Back view of enclosure.

Top view with enclosure open.

View of the inside front of enclosure. The little silver thing with the wires coming out of the right side is the heater for the unit.

Inside back of enclosure. The fan will help cool the enclosure if need be, and the little circuit board controls both the fan and the heater. The black wires lead to the silver heater in the previous picture.

Some of the spare pieces for the enclosure.

Some of the pieces that came with the enclosure. The round item on the left is for the power cables to go through the enclosure and still be waterproof. The rest of the pieces are for mounting.

This is the data cable. It has a USB connection (on the right) and the connection to insert into the camera (on the left).

This is the power cable that is used to power the camera. The end on the left is what plugs into the camera.

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