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RaspLapse is installed!

On Saturday (Aug 25) afternoon the RaspLapse project was installed! I am really looking forward to the results. For now it is situated on the Fan/Exhaust end of a greenhouse. I am going to leave it there and take pictures as they pull existing tomato plants out. Then it will be ready to watch the new plants grow! Here is a before and after shot of the installation process. (Sorry about the picture quality…)



And after…Image

The box on the right is holds the camera, Raspberry Pi, and some connections between the camera and the Raspberry PI. The box on the left holds the power connections, and the Ethernet cable so I can download the pictures without ever touching the enclosure holding the camera.


Here is a picture of what the camera is shooting… This is the raw image.. No editing at all. In the end I will crop/rotate in Photoshop.

Enclosure arrived!

The good news is that the enclosure for my project arrived. However the bad news is that it is smaller than the product dimensions stated it was. So the problem now is that the camera will not fit into the enclosure with the data and power cord plugged in… It will just barely fit with nothing plugged into the camera. And I need permanent power to the camera, and I need a data cable plugged into the camera and these plugin on the side of the camera. Not sure how this will turn out….


Any tips on how to shorten the length of a camera? 

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