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HDR Time Lapse

Looking into how to process an HDR time lapse… An HDR image allows for an image that is closer to what we see in real life when done right. However they can be vastly blown out of proportion as well. Although it would require three times the number of pictures I was thinking about trying it for the year-long time lapse. There are several programs that offer a batch process mode of HDR, but none are free. The two I looked into the most was Photomatix and SNS-HDR (this website is in polish).

But since these images are coming from a low end camera, all the HDR seems to do is magnify the noise really bad in low light conditions. The results are amazing in good light however. These were shot in San Francisco at approximately 7pm.  Below is a picture that was edited with SNS-HDR, but with the trial version so it has their watermark on it. So while was a fun little exploring to figure out how to do HDR time lapse, at this point I do not think it will be worth it. (Definitely keeping it in mind however…)

There is a really good wiki page here that has many different software packages for processing HDR and the different options they each have.


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